Practitioners of hot yoga have simple but unique needs. They need a special kind of yoga mat, one that will grip their hands and feet so that they can hold poses. And they need an absorbent towel that will soak up perspiration. It can be inconvenient carrying both a mat and a towel to Bikram or hot yoga studio practice, so why not consider a yoga mat towel?


FitLifestyleCo makes a handy non slip yoga mat towel combination that will make your life a little easier. First of all, you won’t have to lug both a mat and towel to your studio. Second of all, you’ll only have one item to wash and care for, which will save you a lot of time and effort.

And washing is a cinch: just put the mat towel in the machine on a cold water cycle with a mild detergent (bleach is not recommended). Then, simply hang to dry.

The mat towel comes with a free carrying strap, so it’s easy to carry to class.


This combination mat towel is designed for hot yoga practitioners in mind. Its absorbent microfiber towel side grips hands and feet during even the sweatiest practice, and the natural rubber bottom grips the floor, so the mat towel won’t bunch or slide. And best of all, the towel is built-in, so it can’t slip around between poses.


The mat towel works best when it’s damp. To help activate the mat towel’s grippy properties, some practitioners spray the mat with a bit of water before class, but many people get warm enough during hot practice to be able to skip this step.


If you like beautifully designed yoga accessories, you will love this mat towel. It comes in two beautiful prints: one of a waterfall in a lush forest, the other of a palm tree on a tropical island. The mat towel’s beauty may even inspire you to practice!


This mat towel combo is the same size as a standard yoga mat, 68 inches x 24 inches, and is 3mm.

• Weighs 4.1 pounds
• Comes with handy carrying strap
• Odor free
• Plush absorbent microfiber surface which grips hands and feet
• 100% natural tree rubber base
• Free of dangerous toxins and phthalates
• Long-lasting and biodegradable
• Biodegradable
• Stays flat, does not curl at edges
• Attractive design


On, users raved about this mat, and gave it a 4.8 out of 5 stars, with almost 60 reviews. It earned accolades for its sticky surface, beautiful design, and easy care. One reviewer writes, “This mat really grips well. It didn’t matter if I used it on the linoleum or the carpet, it didn’t budge.”

And the high-quality production of the mat towel got high marks as well. People love that it’s easy to wash in the washing machine, and the print design was commented on by many. “The colors are vivid,” one reviewer comments, “and the graphic is so clear. I get relaxed just looking at it!”

On the FitLifestyleCo Website, a user commented on the ease of using a combination mat towel for their practice, writing, “I love the convenience of having just one product to use and clean instead of having a separate mat and towel. This is a fantastic yoga mat for me and I enjoy using it very much.”

The only thing some users seemed to have a problem with was the mat towel’s thickness. Some people found that 3mm wasn’t thick enough to cushion their joints – but wasn’t enough of a problem for them to stop using the mat.

This problem could be easily rectified by folding the mat for extra cushioning for poses that present a problem, or by using one of the small foam cushions available for use at many studios.


This mat towel has won huge marks for keeping hands and feet in place on the mat, and for being easy to clean. If you love your hot yoga practice, and want the convenience of having a towel in a yoga mat, then the FitLifestyleCo mat towel combo was made for you.


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