Tarot cards may be as old as Ancient Egypt. The cards were originally used for games, and in the 15th century, they were quite popular in Europe. The first documented use of a tarot deck for divination purposes was in the 18th century, in France.


Often beautifully illustrated, the 78 cards in a tarot deck may be used in different ways to predict fortune, and to provide guidance. Tarot readers believe that energy fields during a reading may influence the result of a reading. To become attuned to their energy, the reader may ask a client for a personal item, like clothing, or a personal detail, like a date of birth. Some readers believe that readings are up to 75% accurate.

Since the dawn of recorded time, psychics have used extra sensory perception to intuit events that occur, or have occurred, by tuning into paranormal information sources, such as the afterlife.

Unfortunately, the psychic profession has received some negative press due to the ease with which fraudulent incidents can occur. However, it’s an ancient form of divination, and can boast such esteemed followers as the Late Princess Diana.  And it’s a fact that police departments all over the world have been known to employ the assistance of psychics to help with difficult crime cases — and innumerable cases has been solved only because of their unique insight.

Records show that the use of astrology dates back as far as 2,000 BC. An extremely complex and popular belief, it’s based on times and dates of birth, the Earth’s seasons, and star cycles. To its millions of strict followers, astrological divinations are a holistic approach to life, akin to religion.


Many believers, including powerful politicians and businessmen, will not make important decisions without first consulting astrological texts and charts. Less scholarly participants of the belief, to the merely curious, are at least familiar with and interested in zodiacal star signs, which represents the planetary alignment under which they were born.


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